Tesla adds your warranty and vehicle specs to mobile app

Hidden in the source of the recent Tesla mobile app update v4.5.0 was references to being able to view information about your vehicle’s various warranties.

Tesla has now quietly turned on the feature, as well as the ability to see the specs of your car.

To access the new feature, scroll down to the very bottom of the app and click on “View Details”.

Once you click on that two new tabs pop up.

The first contains the specs of your vehicle, including which model Tesla you have, your paint, interior, and wheel options, and if you have Autopilot and Full Self-Driving (FSD) Capability.

For those lucky few that have free Supercharger access for life, you will also find those details here.

The second tab contains all your warranty information, something which was not easy to find before this update.

Now it is easily accessible through the app, showing the expiry dates of your General, Roadside, Battery, and Drive Unit coverages.

Other features that were also in the source code of the v4.5.0 update, like being able to rename your vehicle through the app, have not yet been turned on.

Tesla has added this same information to your account online.

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