Wrecked Lucid Air Dream Edition listed for sale

wrecked lucid air
Credit: Copart

If you weren’t able to get your hands on one of the 520 Lucid Air Dream Edition cars, you might be able to snag a used version that recently popped up for sale.

The only problem is you will have to pay up for some potentially expensive repairs since it has been damaged in an accident.

Listed on Copart, the limited edition luxury EV has substantial damage to the front right section of the car that looks like it has been peeled apart with a cheap can opener.

The damage continues to the rear where there is a large dent just above the right rear wheel, with the damage extending into the rear passenger door.

The inside looks like it is in good shape, aside from the steering wheel which had its airbag deploy in the accident.

The listing for the wrecked Lucid Air doesn’t show its mileage, but it is safe to assume it will be fairly low since deliveries only began last October.

There is also no price listed, with only the original MSRP of $169,000 USD mentioned on the website.

Given the rarity of the Dream Edition, the eventual buyer might be able to flip it for a profit if the repairs are only cosmetic and there is no damage to the powertrain or battery pack. EVs that have so far been produced in limited quantities, like the GMC Hummer EV, are reselling for prices nearly 3X higher than their original sticker price.

The repairs likely won’t be cheap though. Lucid has only been able to produce a little over 1,000 Air sedans since production began in September 2021. The low volume is due in part to supply chain shortages, so being able to obtain the parts required to repair the luxury EV won’t be easy.

The first Canadian delivery of a Lucid Air took place earlier today, with one of the 520 Dream Edition cars being handed over to its new owner in Ontario.

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