Windsor Police replacing old unmarked units with EVs

The Windsor Police Service will purchase EVs to replace their older unmarked cars in 2023.

The Director of Planning and Physical Resources of the Windsor Police did not confirm what EVs the service would be looking to procure.

Currently, the Windsor Police Service has 12 hybrid police vehicles but no EVs.

However, they did confirm that charging infrastructure will go in at three locations.

The public and police use chargers will go in at the downtown headquarters, the Windsor Police Training Centre in the west end of Windsor and the collision reporting centre on Jefferson Avenue.

As per the Director, the infrastructure will be up and running by March 2023.

Although some police forces have moved to EV front line units, Windsor Police Services is waiting.

First and foremost, they are looking to have a turnkey solution, and none of the current EVs offer this, although there are rumours Ford will add a EV at some point to their police vehicle line.

As well, the police service wants to address multiple concerns that the city and police force members have raised.

These include acceleration capability, performance in extreme heat and cold.

As well, their usability for lengthy investigations, traffic enforcement, and securing a crime scene.

The new unmarked EVs could arrive as soon as April 2023.

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