Walmart Canada Deploys Nikola Hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric Semi in Mississauga

Walmart Canada has rolled out the country’s first hydrogen fuel cell electric semi truck, recently unveiling their Nikola Hydrogen Fuel Cell EV Class 8 tractor. The hydrogen-powered truck is now operational in Mississauga, Ontario, and marks a significant milestone in Walmart Canada’s journey to a fully alternatively-powered fleet.

Walmart says it is the first major retailer in Canada, and in North America, to introduce a hydrogen fuel cell electric semi truck, and expects the Nikola Tre to provide a range of approximately 800 km (497 miles), all with zero tailpipe emissions. Operating the Tre will mean save up to 97 metric tons of CO2 emissions annually, according to Nikola.

“We’re proud to introduce Walmart Canada’s first hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicle, a major milestone on our journey to becoming a regenerative company. This is a first for a retailer in Canada and exemplifies our commitment to embracing new technology and driving change within the industry,” said Gonzalo Gebara, President and CEO of Walmart Canada.

The Nikola hydrogen fuel cell electric semi truck operates by storing high-pressure gaseous hydrogen in specialized tanks, similar to how conventional trucks carry diesel. This hydrogen is converted to electricity through a fuel cell stack by combining it with oxygen, producing water vapor as the only byproduct.

The generated electricity powers the truck’s high-voltage power-net, which charges the onboard batteries and powers the e-axle with integrated electric motors.

Nikola’s President and CEO, Steve Girsky, echoed Gebara’s sentiments, emphasizing the collaboration’s significance: “We are incredibly proud to support Walmart’s sustainability initiatives. This historic milestone aligns perfectly with our mission to drive innovation and environmental responsibility in the transportation industry. Together, we are forging a path towards a zero-emissions future and making a positive impact on our communities and the planet.”

Michael Buna, Senior Director of Walmart Canada’s national fleet, reiterated the company’s ambitious sustainability goals. “We aim to power 100% of our fleet with alternative energy. Introducing this hydrogen fuel cell semi truck is a significant milestone towards achieving that goal. By adopting various types of alternative power, we can accelerate our journey towards a more sustainable fleet.”

Part of Walmart Canada’s sustainable fleet will include Tesla Semi. The retailer has ordered 130 Tesla Semi trucks. It is unclear when Walmart Canada will receive its first Tesla Semi trucks, but the US arm of the retail giant recently started testing the class 8 electric truck with Tesla.

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