VW ID.4 sees a $1,500 price increase, but only in the US

Credit: VW

Volkswagen has updated all existing ID.4 reservation holders with some new details on the vehicle, including a price increase.

Per the email, these are the three main updates:

  1. The ID.4 will now have two different suppliers depending on your trim
  2. The company is increasing the MRSP by $1,500 USD starting January 4
  3. The company is stopping reservations as of January 4

The 2023 ID.4 RWD with 82 kWh batteries will now have two different supplies.

Some vehicles will be supplied by LG Energy Solutions, while others will be SK On.

In terms of the new pricing, here is the current breakdown for the US.

ID.4 Trim  MSRP
 ID.4 Standard $38,995
 ID.4 S $43,995
 ID.4 Pro $43,995
 ID.4 AWD Pro $47,795
 ID.4 Pro S $48,995
 ID.4 AWD Pro S $52,795
 ID.4 Pro S Plus $51,445
 ID.4 AWD Pro S Plus $55,245

Finally, the company will also stop taking new reservations after January 4.

Volkswagen will fulfil all reservations that are made before or on January 4.

However, VW believes there will be enough availability to allow dealers to take the lead in fulfilling new customer orders.

Drive Tesla reached out to our Canadian contact at Volkswagen to see if the same changes will be coming to Canada, and it was confirmed that the price increase is only for the US market.

You can see the full email below:

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