Volvo announces the end of diesel vehicle production by 2024

Volvo has made a splash in the auto world with the announcement the Swedish company will cease making diesel vehicles as of 2024. Volvo made the announcement at Climate Week NYC and committed that the last Volvo diesel vehicle will roll off the assembly line in early 2024.

In addition to the announcement, Volvo confirmed that the company focuses solely on electric powertrains. They confirmed in the announcement that they are not spending any of its research and development budget on new internal combustion engines.

Chief Executive Jim Rowan had this to say:

Electric powertrains are our future, and superior to combustion engines: they generate less noise, less vibration, less servicing costs for our customers and zero tailpipe emissions. We’re fully focused on creating a broad portfolio of premium, fully electric cars that deliver on everything our customers expect from a Volvo – and are a key part of our response to climate change.

The company is not just saying these things; they are taking some direct action and leadership in the space. Anders Karrberg, Volvo’s Chief Sustainability Officer, is attending the Accelerating to Zero Coalition event this week as part of Climate Week NYC. Volvo is also one of the signatories of the Glasgow Declaration on Zero Emission Vehicles.

The company hopes to inspire other automakers to make bold decisions against climate change, like the end of diesel vehicles and a focus towards electrification.

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