New trademark application hints VW might release electric version of one its most popular vehicles

In 2019, Volkswagen finally killed off the iconic Beetle after more than 70 years of production in some form or another.

Now a recent trademark application by the automaker indicates they may be bringing back one of its most popular vehicles, this time with a twist.

According to the European Union Intellectual Property Office, Volkswagen last week filed a new trademark for the name “e-Beetle”.

First posted to the VWIDTalk Forums, the German automaker also filed applications at the same time for “e-Golf Classic“, “e-Karmann” and “e-Kübel”.

The re-introduction of the Beetle in an electric form could prove to be massively popular for Volkswagen, but only if the price is right. Part of the reason it was so popular was its attractive price point, along with its ease of maintenance. Something which would be improved even more with an electric motor.

Before getting too excited, it is also worth noting that VW CEO Herbert Diess said as recently as last year that the Beetle was dead forever. But plans always change, just like when two years prior to that, Diess said the Beetle could come in an electrified version and be built on its MEB platform.

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