Good Energy introduces ‘flash window’ to allow EV drivers in Britain to charge for free when there is abundant green energy

EV charger plug

Taking a unique approach to ease demand on the grid, electric vehicle (EV) drivers in Britain will soon be able to charge their cars for free during limited time ‘flash windows’.

Starting this week, Good Energy in partnership with Zap-Map, will eliminate fees at EV charging stations when Britain is generating an excess of solar and wind power.

“Britain generates so much renewable electricity it only makes sense for us all to take advantage of this free resource” said Good Energy’s CEO and founder, Juliet Davenport.

Known as a “Zap Flash” window, the goal of the program is to not only take advantage of the green energy, but also reduce the strain on the grid.

The program will initially launch in a beta phase, where the company will take its learnings to improve future versions.

The Zap Flash window will be available on different days, with customers receiving 24 hours notice of when it will open. During the summer months it will take place between 11:00am and 3:00pm, shifting to 11:00pm and 3:00am between October and March.

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