BMW delivers one-millionth ‘electrified’ vehicle

BMW announced on Tuesday it had reached a milestone, delivering the one-millionth electrified vehicle. The figure includes pure electric as well as hybrid electric vehicles.

According to Management Board Member Pieter Nota, only 30% of the one million were pure electric. Hybrids took the lion’s share of the sales, with Nota saying the German automaker believes the technology will play an important role in the future.

They are also not abandoning their lineup of internal combustion engines. Nota added they will continue to modernize and make their fossil fuel-burning cars more sustainable. “Only then can we make a difference across the customer base,” he said.

The automaker still hopes to grow their EV sales in the coming years. They are targeting to have two million sales of pure electric vehicles by 2025, and have at least 50% of global sales be fully electric by 2030.

In looking at recent sales figures in their home country of Germany, they may be underestimating how quickly consumers are shifting to electric. According to data from November, Tesla’s sales increased by 234% compared to the same month last year, while BMW saw a 32% decline.

And that is before Giga Berlin opens.

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