Tesla Model S with yoke steering wheel spotted in Charlotte, North Carolina

Refresh Model S NC front
Image via Branden Flasch

A refresh Tesla Model S with a yoke steering wheel has been spotted more than 4,000 km (2,500 miles) away from Fremont in Charlotte, North Carolina.

The red Model S was seen this morning by Branden Flasch of the EV Nomads YouTube channel. Flasch tells Drive Tesla he was test driving an Audi when he came across the red Model S driving near the Tesla Service Center and Showroom in Charlotte.

Despite the heavy traffic, he was able to get close enough to catch a glimpse of the inside where we can see it was outfitted with the yoke steering wheel.

Refresh Model S NC
Image via Branden Flasch

After his test drive Flasch stopped at the Service Center to see if he could get a closer look at the EV. Unable to find it in the lot, he asked employees about it and was told it was unavailable, but they did confirm it was an engineering test vehicle.

The question around whether the first deliveries of the refresh Model S will include the yoke or round steering wheel is still largely unanswered. According to information relayed by a Tesla employee, the automaker is still waiting for regulatory approval.

As a result customers will get the traditional steering wheel and when the yoke is approved for use, will have the option to have it retrofitted.

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