Unauthorized Tesla entered Las Vegas Loop tunnels in June as company prepares to introduce Autopilot

Las Vegas Boring Tunnel

The Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority confirmed that an unauthorized Tesla breached the Convention Center Loop in June. The driver was looking for a charging station and accessed the system in the late afternoon of June 21, 2021. There were no injuries or damage associated with the vehicle accessing the system.

A spokesperson in Vegas confirmed that the driver fully cooperated with security staff after realizing their mistake. The system was down for a couple of minutes to let the driver exit, and operations resumed shortly after. The current system has security gates, and dozens of concrete bollards surround the two ground-level stations to prevent unauthorized entry.

In response, The Boring Company (TBC) refined its protocols to ensure outside vehicles could not accidentally enter the system, reports TechCrunch. The tunnels have physical barriers to guard against accidental, rogue or otherwise unauthorized entry, but this vehicle found a hole.

Other documents obtained by TechCrunch reveals plans to increase the number of Tesla vehicles operating in the tunnels from 62 to 70. Along with the increase, Autopilot will also be enabled in all the vehicles.

The new plans were justified by TBC in an email to the Clark County Department of Building & Fire Prevention, saying “disabling these features in Tesla vehicles increases the likelihood of an accident.”

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