Up Close Look at The Boring Company’s LVCC Loop Station #1 and Tunnel in Las Vegas

Elon Musk’s The Boring Company’s finished digging their tunnels under the Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC) in May of last year.

Originally scheduled to open during the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in January, COVID-19 forced its cancellation with the event shifting to an online format instead.

Other construction delays mean crews continue to put the finishing touches on the stations that link the east and west ends of the LVCC campus.

LVCC Loop map

Thanks to a Drive Tesla reader, we now have an up-close look at the completed station #1 and tunnels, giving us a rare glimpse at what the first passengers will see as they begin their journey underground.

Station #1, located off University Center Drive, features two large solar arrays covering 8 of the 10 parking stalls that will be used to load and unload passengers.Las Vegas Boring Tunnel

Probably the highlight of the station is the Godot cutterhead used during the construction. It has been put on display just before the entrance to the tunnel.

Turn the corner and you begin to head down a steep incline toward the entrance and exit to the underground tunnels. The view from the bottom of the ramp gives a good sense for just how steep it is.

Access is currently restricted by a pair of gates, but you can easily see the tunnels lit up looking very ready for the first Tesla vehicles to carry passengers underground.

Las Vegas Boring Tunnel

The shiny new station stands in stark contrast to the now shuttered Las Vegas Monorail station located about a block away. Out of operation for one year, the station’s paint is peeling, windows are boarded up, and many of those that aren’t have been smashed.

Drive Tesla has been following progress at the three LVCC Loop stations, and there continues to be lots of testing going on with vehicles entering and exiting station #3 on an almost daily basis.

Hopefully we get to see the Fallout-themed opening party soon.

Special thanks to @GasOff2 for venturing out and taking these photos for us.

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