Uber report shows success after one year of Tesla rental program [Report]

Almost a year after Uber announced a partnership with Hertz to provide Tesla rentals to drivers, the partnership has shown early success.

An Uber Analyst named Rainer Lempert released a report on Medium showcasing the program after a year and some of the numbers behind the partnership.

As per the report:

  • Tesla’s rented through Hertz have made over 5 million trips and travelled over 40 million miles
  • As of August 1, 2022, Uber drivers with rented Teslas have avoided over 19.9k metric tonnes of on-top CO2 tailpipe emissions
  • Since the partnership’s launch, Uber has seen a massive jump in EV miles driven for the app.

Although these are great numbers, the report lacks some details you usually see with such a one-year report.

There are no details on how the program has affected Uber itself, nor does it touch on if the program is profitable for the company.

The Tesla rental program from Uber is straightforward:

  • Users pay $334 per week (depending on location) and receive the following:
    • A Tesla Model 3
    • Essential maintenance
    • Insurance
    • An extra dollar per ride (up to $4,000 annually)
    • 45 per cent off at EVgo charging locations

Either way, the report does show some early success, and if Uber sees positive results for its drivers and the company, it is a win for the EV space.

You can read the full report here.

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