Uber and Stellantis partnership will expand EV rental options in France

Uber announced a new partnership with Stellantis brand Free2Move to offer more vehicles to drivers to rent in France.

The Free2Move deal means that Uber drivers in France will have EV options from Citroen, DS, Fiat, Peugeot and the newly announced all-electric Jeep. The deal will help both companies with their green initiatives in the region.

For Uber, it will be an essential step towards meeting its plan to make 50 per cent of its fleet in France electric.

While for Stellantis, it will help the company continue to drive toward doubling the brand’s revenues by 2026.

This is not the first time that Uber has made it easier for drivers to rent EVs to drive for the company.

In the United States, Uber partnered with Hertz to supply a similar service to Uber drivers.

As Drive Tesla reported earlier this year, the Hertz and Uber partnership expanded to Canada as well.

Uber drivers who have opted to invest in EVs either through purchase or rental have noted that their earnings have increased.

The lower cost of operation, in combination with a demand for EV rides, means that Uber drivers can undoubtedly make up the difference and more after their EV investment.

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