Uber Canada and Greenlots join forces for pilot project in BC

Uber Canada and Greenlots are joining forces to encourage more Uber drivers in the Lower Mainland to go electric.

The two companies are running a pilot project to install three new EV charging locations in Vancouver.

The chargers will provide discounted charging rates to Uber drivers to make public charging more affordable than at home.

According to Uber Canada, Vancouver has one of the largest all-electric fleets in North America, making Vancouver the perfect spot for the pilot project.

If successful, Uber Canada and Greenlots will roll out similar charging networks in other high EV-adoption rate cities.

The chargers will be located in downtown Vancouver, Metropolis in Burnaby, and one other unconfirmed location.

All the stations will open in January 2022.

Greenlots is a member of the Shell Group and is going through a rebrand in 2022 to become Shell Recharge Solutions.

Moreover, this is Uber’s first partnership with Greenlots and the first partnership like this in North America.

This project is in support of a broader goal of Uber to become zero-emission in North America by 2030.

Across Canada, Uber also rolled out Uber Green, which gives drivers using an EV a $1 incentive on every trip made by that vehicle.

Uber also launched Uber+Transit in Ontario, which provides users with routes that use both a transit option and Uber.

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