Uber and Lyft required to phase-in electric vehicles in California starting in 2023

in an effort to help reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, Uber and Lyft drivers in California will soon be required to begin driving electric vehicles (EVs).

Starting in 2023 both ride-hailing companies must begin phasing in EVs into their fleets, the California Air Resources Board (CARB) ruled last week. Additionally at least 90% of the miles driven by 2030 must be in EVs.

“The transportation sector is responsible for nearly half of California’s greenhouse gas emissions, the vast majority of which come from light-duty vehicles. This action will help provide certainty to the state’s climate efforts and improve air quality in our most disadvantaged communities,” air board Chairwoman Liane Randolph said in a statement. (via SacBee)

In its ruling CARB said Uber and Lyft can increase the number of carpooled rides and reduce the number of miles driven without passengers, known as deadhead miles, to help meet the electrification mandates.

Following the decision, both companies said the new rules will make it more difficult for drivers, many of which they say can’t afford an EV. Paul Augustine, Lyft’s senior manager for sustainability, said they support the goal, but thinks CARB isn’t looking at the bigger picture and the rules will “economically harm low- and moderate-income drivers in particular.”

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