Shell Canada EV charging network from British Columbia to Ontario revealed by Natural Resources Canada

Shell Canada is following in the footsteps of Petro-Canada and planning to build an electric vehicle (EV) charging network across the country from British Columbia to Ontario.

The network was revealed by Natural Resources Canada (NRCan), which provided partial funding for the project through its Electric Vehicle and Alternative Fuel Infrastructure Deployment Initiative. (h/t: EV Society – Sudbury)

According to a list of locations that received $3,950,000 in funding, the company is planning to build a total of 37 charging stations across the country.

The majority of the chargers will be built in two provinces.

British Columbia will receive 12 stations with a total of 23 chargers, and Ontario will see 17 stations built with a total of 35 chargers.

Alberta will get 4 stations and 9 chargers, while Saskatchewan gets 2 stations (4 chargers) and Manitoba 2 stations (5 chargers). You can see our map of all the locations below.

Since these are the stations that received funding from NRCan, it is possible Shell plans to build more without funding to better connect central Canada, as well as east of Ontario.

Second Petro-Canada EV charger opens on Vancouver Island, marking a complete east-west connection in Canada

The Shell Recharge network is already up and running in the United Kingdom, where the company has been converting old gas stations into EV charging stations.

This isn’t the first time NRCan has disclosed the locations of upcoming EV charging stations. The location of 14 Superchargers in B.C., Alberta, and Saskatchewan were also revealed earlier this year.

Source: Natural Resources Canada

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