Bridgestone partners with Blink to install EV chargers at select retail locations

Bridgestone has announced this week plans to install 50 Level 2 electric vehicle (EV) charging stations at select Firestone Complete Auto Care and Wheel Works stores.

The company will be partnering with Blink Charging, who will provide their IQ 200 chargers for the project.

According to a press release from Bridgestone Retail Operations, the chargers will be installed before the end of March at Firestone Complete Auto Care and Wheel Works stores in Austin, Texas; Denver; Los Angeles; and San Francisco.

The company chose those locations as they are in markets where there is currently a large high volume of EVs, and the market is only expected to grow.

Blink’s EV chargers will help support Bridgestone’s new EV and hybrid services. These consist of inspections, diagnostics, maintenance and repairs involving high-voltage components, including health checks and troubleshooting for batteries, electric motors and electrical systems.

Bridgestone isn’t the only company to recently partner with Blink.

Earlier this month General Motors (GM) announced plans to install the IQ 200 chargers at dealerships across Canada and the US.

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