Thieves somehow steal three Tesla vehicles from a Tesla store and lead police on a chase

What would a Friday night be if you didn’t head out with a group of friends and steal three Tesla’s from a Tesla store and lead police on a chase that resulted in one crashed Tesla and at least one arrest?

According to Fairfax County Police in Virginia, a group of thieves were somehow able to steal three Tesla’s (one of which was a Model S) from Tesla’s Tyson’s Corner store on Friday night. (via NBC)

After being spotted by police at about 3:00am Saturday morning being driven with dealer tags, an attempt was made to pull them over.

A pursuit began after the Tesla’s fled, but not long after, the Model S crashed into a guardrail. The driver exited the vehicle and ran away. The other two Tesla vehicles continued, before being abandoned in an attempt to outrun police officers.

One of the accused drivers was caught and arrested, with the other drivers and an unknown number of passengers able to evade police.

It is still unknown how exactly the thieves were able to steal the vehicles, as Tesla’s have shown to be one of the more difficult vehicles to break into and steal.

Additional safety features like PIN to drive, which requires a 4-digit PIN before the car starts (even with a key), and the ability to track the vehicle’s live location, direction, and speed through Tesla’s mobile app have thus far proven to be effective in reducing the number of stolen Tesla vehicles.

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