Tesla shares more details on Giga Berlin fire at local council meeting

giga berlin fire
Credit: Moz.de

After a few days of silence, a Tesla employee spoke openly and shared more details about the Giga Berlin fire and the remediation efforts by the company.

Tesla employee Marlene Mehnert attended a local council meeting to provide an update and answer questions.

Mehnert provided details about the recent fire incident, including confirming that Tesla was working with local authorities.

The fire broke out at a paper shredder and pressed roller near a small recycling facility in the storage yard. The equipment was not operated by Tesla but rather by a third-party recycling company.

State officials have noted the recycling company lacked an approved permit to operate. However, Mehnert did not detail those matters and noted that those questions are legal issues.

She also confirmed that Tesla will remove 50 cm of soil affected during the firefighting efforts. Currently, the affected area is covered by tarps until investigations are completed, according to a report by Moz.de.

Samples from the affected soil have been sent for testing, and the company expects results by mid-October.

Even with the information shared at the meeting, many Giga Berlin critics are demanding a stop in production until the investigation is over.

However, there is no indication the district or council is even considering a shutdown of the facility.

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