Nissan’s next electric vehicle, a Model Y contender, leaked online

Nissan was a trailblazer of sorts with its popular Nissan Leaf electric vehicle (EV), one of the first real all-electric vehicles available in North America for the average consumer.

Last year the automaker announced their next EV, the Ariya, which was set to take on the huge crossover SUV market. If you thought the Leaf was popular, a solid EV from Nissan in that segment could sell even better.

Now a year after Nissan unveiled the concept Ariya at the Tokyo Expo, it appears renders of a production-ready version have been leaked online by car_secrets.

They may look the same, but there are some subtle differences with these renders compared to the concept vehicle that indicate these may be the production version of the Ariya (via Motor1).

The first is the appearance of a tow hook on the front bumper, which was not shown on the concept Ariya. There also appear to be some extra lights added to the front bumper.

From the side, the location of the charge port door has moved slightly, now completely separated from the line of the door. There is also now a roof mounted antenna and a parking sensor visible on the side of the rear bumper.

Nissan has not announced a reveal date for their new crossover SUV, but it is expected to be unveiled next year. It is rumoured to be announced with an estimated range of 483km (300 miles) with both RWD and AWD configurations, and an attractive starting price of around $40,000 USD ($56,400 CAD).

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