Tesla releases Q1 2020 Vehicle Safety Report with the best results ever, 9x better than humanpilot

Tesla Autopilot

Each quarter Tesla releases a ‘Vehicle Safety Report‘, detailing the number of accidents that have occurred where Tesla vehicles were involved when Autopilot was engaged.

In Q4 2019, Tesla registered one ‘crash-like event’ for every 4,940,000km. That was a drop from the previous quarter which was a record for the automaker, where there was one accident for every 6,984,000km driven.

In Q1 2020, Tesla broke that record by registering one accident for every 7,531,000km driven while Autopilot is engaged. That compares to the NHTSA average of 1 automobile crash every 770,800km.

 Q3 2018Q4 2018Q1 2019Q2 2019Q3 2019Q4 2019Q1 2020
Tesla5,400,000 km4,680,000 km4,618,000 km5,262,000 km6,984,000 km4,940,000 km7,531,700 km
NHTSA791,000km701,000 km701,000 km801,000 km801,000 km770,800 km770,800 km

This result is a significant improvement from the same quarter in 2019, which saw one accident for every 4,618,000km while Autopilot was engaged.

Tesla also reported that when Autopilot was not engaged, but with Tesla’s other active safety features there was once accident for every 3,202,500km. For when there were no active safety features engaged, there was one accident for every 2,285,200km.

Despite these impressive safety numbers proving the safety of Autopilot and Tesla’s other active safety features, there are still some out there that believe it is dangerous and should be removed all Tesla vehicles.

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