Mercedes Benz EQS recalled because the massive touchscreen allows drivers to watch TV and browse the internet while driving

Mercedes Benz has issued a recall for the EQS luxury sedan over concerns the MBUX infotainment system allows drivers to access some features they’re not supposed to while behind the wheel.

According to a notice posted to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) website on Friday, the system might “allow activation of the television and internet display while driving, causing a distraction for the driver.”

“If an occupant were to actively select the function or application while the vehicle is driving, then driver distraction might result, which could increase the risk of a crash,” the company said in documents.

The German automaker said it intended to disable the features, but some vehicles left the factory with an incorrect computer configuration.

The recall notice says up to 227 units were affected, which also included other vehicles like the S500 and S580. Only 20 EQS450 and 15 EQS500 vehicles were affected.

Fortunately for the owners, a service visit will not be required as Mercedes has already fixed all of them by updating their computer server free of charge.

You can find the full recall notice below.

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