Mazda to reveal the MX-30 Plug-in Hybrid with a rotary engine

While most automakers in the North American space continue to electrify their line-up, Mazda is taking a bit of a different approach.

Instead of correcting its failing MX-30 with either a new model or an upgrade, the company is doubling down and introducing a version of the compact hatchback as a plug-in hybrid with a rotary engine.

This is not the first time Mazda has used a rotary engine in its vehicles.

In the past, Mazda used Wankel engines and continued to do so in its sports car range.

As part of the announcement, Honda released a new logo shaped like Wankel’s engine with an e in the middle.

Per the release, Mazda said this:

The compact crossover will feature an electric generator powered by a newly-developed rotary engine.

Mentioning a generator in the announcement could mean the rotary engine will power the battery rather than the wheels.

Which could help solve the range problem that has plagued the battery-electric MX-30.

The MX-30 is only for sale in California and has a range of 100 miles with a $33,700 price tag.

Mazda confirmed the vehicle would debut at the Brussels Motor Show in Belgium, which kicks off next week.

This will be an interesting test case for Mazda, especially if they want to sell the MX-30 across North America.

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