New Quebec policy could spark even more EV sales in the province

Tesla Quebec

In terms of electric vehicle (EV) adoption, Quebec continues to be one of the leaders in Canada and some new policies could help further their dominance.

Quebec published new draft regulations to chart a course to 100 per cent EV purchases by 2035. The new policy wants Quebec to have:

  • 12.5% of new car sales to be EV by 2025
  • 65% of new car sales to be EV by 2030
  • 100% of new car sales to be EV by 2035

In addition, the new regulations would change:

  • How the province credits automakers for their EV sales
  • Proposes more considerable fines for automakers who do not comply
  • Require new EVs sold in the province to have a minimum driving range on a single charge

The new credit system would most likely be a welcome change for dealerships, as the current crediting system is quite complicated.

EV sales have been strong in Quebec. The province saw a 38.5% jump in year-over-year registrations of new EVs in Q3 of 2021, according to iPolitics.

While in the same quarter, new gas car registrations dropped by 16% and new diesel car registrations fell 26%.

These regulations are still in draft but they could show where the Government of Quebec is thinking of going in terms of policy changes over the next few years.

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