Electric vehicles involved in the fewest car fires in the US: Study

Model S Plaid fire
Image via Gladwyne Volunteer Fire Company

A new study suggests that electric vehicles (EVs) are far less likely to cause a vehicle fire when compared to gasoline or hybrid vehicles.

The study comes after analysts from AutoInsuranceEZ examined the National Transportation Safety Board data.

The data allowed the analysts to track the number of car fires and then compare that data to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics sales data.

The results were fascinating. Per 100,000 vehicles sold:

  • Hybrid vehicles had 3,475 vehicle fires
  • Gasoline-powered vehicles had 1,530
  • Electric vehicles had just 25

The study went further than this. The analysts looked at National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recalls in 2020 due to fire.

Gasoline vehicles led the way, with EV’s coming in second and hybrids placing third.

However, we should note that as the analysts only looked at 2020, and thus the Chevrolet Bolt’s recalls were not included in these numbers.

Car fires are a significant problem in the United States. The National Fire Prevention Association estimates that 560 people died in car fires in 2018 alone.

More than $1.9 billion in damages are caused each year to property due to vehicle fires.

The results are fascinating. Public perception has long been EVs present an increased fire risk, but it turns out that this is not only wrong but not even close to being accurate when looking at actual data.

You can read the full study here.

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