The CyberLandr has surpassed $150 million in reservations

Stream It, Inc. announced that its “vanishing” camper designed for the Tesla Cybertruck has exceeded $150 million in reservations.

Considering the Cybertruck is not even out yet, this is pretty impressive. CyberLandr announced the big milestone on Twitter and with a press release.

It appears that the main rise in sales was due to a viral YouTube video released in December that featured the CyberLandr. The company saw an influx of reservations that amounted to almost $1 million dollars in 24 hours.

The CyberLandr is an impressive piece of kit. It comes with integrated solar panels with a sizable battery pack. Inside, you can find a smart TV, induction cooktop, recirculating shower and a dry flush toilet. Essentially the perfect camper for those looking for off-grid experiences with a little bit of luxury. It is not cheap however, starting at $54,995.

The camper also folds seamlessly into the Cybertruck’s bed, making it the perfect companion for those looking to set up camp anywhere.

The company is still accepting reservations, and if you are interested, you can check out

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