Space Campers creates another camping mod for the Tesla Cybertruck before it arrives

Tesla first revealed the Cybertruck in 2019, and is aiming to bring it into production next year. That long wait has led to companies creating accessories and mods for the electric truck long before we even know the final specs.

Space Campers is the latest to join in on the craze, creating a customizable wedge-style camper that fits in the bed of the Cybertruck.

The company, based in San Luis Obispo, California says the camper is designed with a sleek appearance for minimal drag. Despite its compact form, the camper expands and becomes a “swiss army knife” for the Cybertruck. That expansion will be handled air-powered actuators that will use the Cybertruck’s onboard compressor, which we still don’t know for sure will be included on the Cybertruck.

Inside there is a double bed that can be folded away when not in use, and can also be detached and used as an outdoor table, bench, or work surface. There are also electrical outlets, dimmable lights, an induction cooktop, portable cooler, water heater, all of which will be compatible with Tesla’s battery pack.

You can also add several accessories such as a shower and bathroom, full camp kitchen, solar panels and roof racks, as well as additional weatherproofing and insulation for colder climates.

The Cybertruck Space Camper will cost you $24,000 USD, not including any of the above mentioned accessories. You can pre-order now for as little as $100 down, or if you’re feeling confident you can put down $10,000 and be the among the first to receive the accessory when it is finally produced.

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