Elon Musk urges to boost oil and gas output amid Ukraine war

Elon Musk worried (Credit: Max Whittaker/Getty)

Elon Musk has suggested countries need to boost oil & gas output amid war in Ukraine and soaring fossil fuel prices worldwide, a move contrary to the renewable energy dreams of his Tesla Energy business.

“Hate to say it, but we need to increase oil & gas output immediately. Extraordinary times demand extraordinary measures. Obviously, this would negatively affect Tesla, but sustainable energy solutions simply cannot react instantaneously to make up for Russian oil & gas exports”, wrote Musk on his Twitter page.

Musk’s Tesla Energy division has been developing and mass producing solar panels and huge batteries for years. He has even called several times to stop any goverment subsidies given to oil & gas producers and implement carbon tax. This would in his opinion automatically boost the transition to sustainable energy.

However, now Musk admits that we cannot transition to 100% renewables immediately. Most of Europe and many parts of the world are dangerously dependent on Russian oil & natural gas. Economic sanctions that western countries put on Russia have disrupted energy markets worldwide.

Do you agree with Musk on temporarily increasing domestic oil & gas output? Let us know in the comments below.

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