The Boring Company shows off underground Las Vegas rave tunnel

Boring Company Rave Tunnel

Elon Musk’s affinity for rave culture is well known with previous references about building a “mega rave cave” under Tesla’s Giga Berlin factory.

The first official rendering of the under construction Gigafactory showed what appeared to be a rooftop patio, but was later mentioned by Musk to be an “indoor/outdoor rave space on the roof.”

Giga Berlin render

While it may still take some time to see those rave venues come to reality, it looks like one of his other companies already has a rave tunnel.

The Boring Company is currently putting the finishing touches on its first official project under the Las Vegas Convention Center. Scheduled to open early next year, the official Twitter account shared a video late last night showing off one of the ‘subsurface’ stations titled “Tunnel Rave”, blasting Avicii – Levels and complete with huge LED lights across the entire ceiling.

In the video we see three Tesla Model 3’s, with two tunnels to the left and right. With a pair of escalators in the middle, the almost-complete station looks exactly like the render the company released a few months ago.

Boring Company Sub Surface Station

Construction of the first tunnel began late last year, with construction of the second 4,475ft tunnel completing in May of 2020. The company recently received its first approval to expand its Las Vegas tunnel network, with officials even asking for more stops to be added.

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