Tesla’s prefabricated Supercharger can now be installed and turned on in just 4 days

Tesla has been able to reduce the amount of time it takes to build and turn on a prefabricated Supercharger station by 50%, with the company now taking as little as 4 days to complete an installation.

Tesla has been using its prefabricated Supercharger installation method since 2021. As the name implies Tesla fully builds the Supercharger units at their factory in Buffalo, New York, before shipping them out to be installed. This method allows the company to not only significantly reduce the amount of time it takes to get a Supercharger station up and running from months to days, it also greatly reduces the costs associated to do so.

In 2022 Tesla highlighted their new installation method, sharing a video of a 12 stall station in Florida being completed and turned on in just 8 days.

In a new update from the Tesla Charging account on X on Monday, the company has been able to reduce that time to as little as 4 days. The update also shared that there are now more than 2,300 pre-assembled Supercharger posts in North America, with the largest pre-assembled station being 78 stalls.

While the 4 day record is impressive and shows the potential for these prefabricated Supercharger stations, the majority are not completed in such a short time frame. As noted in the video, the final step is connecting the prefabricated Superchargers to the grid, which is up to the local utility provider, and out of the hands of Tesla.

We have seen examples where prefabricated Superchargers have been completely quickly, but have then sat idle for several months waiting for the final connection to the grid.

The current record for largest prefabricated Supercharger station will soon be eclipsed by a 200 stall station currently being planned in Florida.

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