Tesla’s latest software update 2020.8 has been released

UPDATE: Looks like Canada will finally get the FSD preview with enhanced visualizations. check out our article here.

Tesla has been a bit quiet on the software update front. The last major release was last year with the holiday software update that included the Full Self-Driving (FSD) visualization previews (unfortunately Canada is still left out of that party).

There was a small release towards the end of January, 2020.4, that gave us the new “Additional Vehicle Information” box, which showed owners if the car had the new HW3.0 FSD computer. This was added just in time for hardware upgrades to ramp up in the US and begin in Canada.

While it has only appeared on a few cars so far, details of the next software update, 2020.8, have begun to emerge. We have heard reports the update includes the new Track Mode V2 which was announced earlier this week for Performance Model 3 owners. The rest of the features that are to be included leave Canada out for the most part once again:

  • 3rd party charging options – Europe and Bay Area, California only
  • FSD visualization preview – Europe only
  • Voice Commands fixes
  • Bluetooth improvements

It appears this release is heavily European focussed, as there will also be some new language support for Hebrew, Hungarian, Slovenian, and Romanian. Stay tuned for updates as more details emerge.


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