First winner from the Tesla referral program won a Model Y, also confirming details about the upcoming electric SUV

Tesla has been saying for a while now that by referring customers to purchase a Tesla will get you a chance to win a Founder Series Tesla Model Y or Tesla Roadster.

The first reported winner has been confirmed to come from Taiwan, where the lucky recipient took home the big prize with just two referrals. In the email received from Tesla, the winner will get to pick up their Model Y when the automaker begins deliveries later this year in Taiwan.

With the first deliveries in the US just days away, the winner’s email also confirmed that the Model Y will come with a power tailgate. It had been rumoured and expected the Model Y would come with a power tailgate, but this is the first confirmation of that feature from the automaker. The email reads:

Model Y is designed to easily adapt to a variety of driving situations. Through the power lift gate, the lower compartment position, and the seat’s easy folding design, you can easily put all kinds of luggage and cargo into the car before each trip.

Last week we also saw the first detailed interior photos and videos of the Model Y, showing a spacious rear cargo area. If you want this feature on your Model 3, you can purchase an aftermarket kit from Hansshow, and can save 10% off the purchase price by using the coupon code ‘teslaincanada’.

Hansshow discount

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