Should I buy a Tesla when I live far away from a Service Center?

Tesla currently has 10 Service Centers (SC) located across Canada, from British Columbia to Quebec. Canada is a big place, so even with that many in major urban areas, you will likely live a significant distance away from the nearest Tesla SC.

If that’s the case, you’re probably wondering if you should buy a Tesla at all. How will I take delivery of my car? What happens if something goes wrong with my new car?

These are common questions and concerns faced by potential Tesla owners, but ones that should not stop you from buying the best car you’ve ever owned.

Repairs and Service

In looking at the more serious concern in relation to proximity to a SC, Tesla has what are called ‘Mobile Service Rangers’ in many areas across Canada. This service is unique to Tesla, and they can visit you at your house, workplace, or almost any other location to address the majority of issues that may arise during your ownership.

In the first year of having my Model 3, I have had mobile service come to my house to replace my driver side door handle (the soft-close mechanism broke), as well as the more complex job of performing my HW3.0 upgrade. You can follow along in the thread below to see what is involved in the retrofit.

The only time you may have to visit a SC is you have a failure of the battery, drivetrain, or other major system.

Even then, if you are still within your warranty period (4 years or 80,000km), Tesla will pay for the transportation costs to get your car to the nearest SC.

All of the above is also ignoring the fact that Tesla vehicles are very reliable and require little to no maintenance, so the chances of requiring a major service are slim.

Taking Delivery

According to Tesla’s website, if you live more than 360km away from the nearest SC, Tesla will deliver your vehicle to your home or office at no extra charge.

Not to miss out on the delivery experience, you can schedule a specific day and time for the delivery, and receive a complete walk-through to get you familiar with your new Tesla.

In short, living far away from a Tesla Service Center shouldn’t be the reason you pass on buying a Tesla. With Tesla’s rapid expansion and growing network of service centers, you could get a new one near you soon.

Do you live in an area without a Service Center? What has your experience been with Mobile Rangers? Let us know in the comments below.

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