Watch an EV Supercar take on a Tesla Model S P100D

Drako GTE vs Tesla Model S

The Drako GTE sedan is an upcoming electric vehicle that boasts four electric motors, one more than even the upcoming Plaid powertrain which will hopefully be released later this year.

The specs on the sedan are certainly impressive. Combined 1,200 horsepower (895 kW), 6,500 lb-ft of torque, 332km/h (206mph) top speed, and a 90kW battery good for 402km (250 miles) of range. But the most eye-popping spec is the price, a mere $1.25 million USD. Drako Motors only intends to produce 25 units, and will apparently deliver the first vehicles later this year.

Drako GTE

In the test, the Model S is put into Ludicrous mode with launch mode enabled. The battery is charged to 74%, not an ideal amount for a drag race like this. It’s tough to tell from the angle of the video at the start, but they appear to have a pretty even launch. The Drako then accelerates away from the Model S, eventually winning by a considerable margin.

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It should be noted that this video is not shown in one take, so it’s tough to tell how accurate the results of this race also are. As pointed out, the battery was not at full power either. Regardless, it is still an impressive showing from Drako Motors. Now all they have to do is get that price down by a factor of 10, and then they’ll be a bit more in the realm of the Model S.

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