Tesla was the world’s top selling EV brand in February 2021 with the Model 3 leading the way

At a time when overall car sales are decreasing, the electric vehicle market continues to grow around the world. Data compiled by EV Sales shows nearly 173,000 battery electric vehicles (BEVs) were registered around the world last month, an impressive 139% increase from January.

Leading that growth segment is Tesla, taking the top spot in global EV sales for February 2021. The Model 3 was Tesla’s top selling vehicle with 28,014 sales in the 28-day month, outselling the sub-$5,000 Wuling Mini EV by nearly 8,000 units.

Showing its continued strength, the Model Y came in third with 13,971 sales.

Top 5 Models
Imave via EV Sales

The strong performance by those two models was enough to make Tesla the #1 selling EV brand overall with 34,138 vehicles sold in February.

Take away the Wuling Mini EV, which has a 13.8kWh battery and no airbags, and the competition isn’t even close. The next closest competitor is the BYD Han EV with 4,100 sales.

Top 20 Models
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It is important to remember that these numbers don’t include the Model S and Model X. Tesla is still working on re-tooling their factory to produce the refresh variants.

Tesla should release their official Q1 2021 delivery numbers later this week. Wall Street analysts are estimating Tesla will reach 170,000 deliveries, nearly doubling their deliveries from Q1 2020.

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