Lucid gives behind the scenes look at Air production process at AMP-1

With question marks still surrounding when the first Lucid Air EVs will be delivered, the automaker released a new video today giving a behind the scenes look at the production process at its new AMP-1 facility in Arizona.

Billed as the first greenfield, dedicated EV factory in North America, the first phase of AMP-1, or Advanced Manufacturing Plant 1, was completed in December last year.

In the video we follow along as the Air goes from paint to general assembly (GA). The company highlights that they use some robots and they do have automation, but by in large the vehicles are put together by humans.

“GA is pretty amazing because it’s the culmination of everything that makes Lucid special. We take the beautifully painted sleek body, all of the powertrain technology with the drive units and the battery packs, the expertly crafted interior components, the software technology, and we bring that all together and we send it out as a finished product,” said Product Operations Manager, Jason Regelski.

The Air then lands at quality control, where it undergoes an inspection of 180 attributes before being approved to roll out of the factory.

Lucid was hoping to begin delivering the first vehicles made at AMP-1 this spring. At the same time it announced a SPAC merger with Churchhill Capital Corp. last month, Lucid also revealed deliveries were being delayed until the second half of 2021.

To hold reservation holders over since the announcement, the automaker has been releasing more information about the Air. Earlier this month a video was published showing CEO Peter Rawlinson’s candid reactions to his first drive in a release candidate build Lucid Air.

You can check out the full video below.

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