Tesla Uber drivers can now receive rides based on their EVs remaining battery charge

Tesla Uber
Credit: Drive Tesla

Tesla drivers can now connect their vehicles to the Uber app to schedule rides based on their electric vehicles’ remaining battery charge. First spotted by Tesla enthusiast and former Uber driverr Sofiaan, we can see the new option in the app.

The new feature will only be enabled when the user allows it. Once approved the Uber app will assign rides to Tesla drivers if their EV has enough remaining range to complete the trip. The app will leave you with a small buffer to allow you to find a Supercharger. (via CleanTechnica)

Giving Uber access to your vehicle’s data by toggling on “share your vehicle data” within the app has caused some privacy and data concerns among Tesla owners, but the feature is a great option for those that may be more unfamiliar with their Tesla’s range and have range anxiety.

Uber has been looking to improve the app experience for Tesla drivers to encourage more EVs on the app. Although it has been a mixed bag in terms of success, this new feature may be another reason for an EV driver to join Uber’s ranks for extra cash.

It is unclear if the features will also be coming to other EVs.

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