Berlin State Police ban Tesla Sentry Mode in city police complexes

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Credit: Tesla

Tesla owners are no longer allowed to activate Sentry Mode when parking in Berlin police complexes.

According to the Landeskriminalamt, Tesla vehicles will not be able to enter any city police complex belonging to the police force and record footage through Sentry Mode.

This includes all properties, including the police headquarters and the State Criminal Police Office.

As per the police, the new rule is due fears over the vehicle’s cameras recording sensitive footage within the complexes.

A spokesperson stated that the rule was due to:

A security-related threat to employees, third parties (security and data protection) and the properties of the Berlin police (property security).

The memo to police officers notes that:

All vehicle models from the manufacturer Tesla make permanent, event-independent video recordings of the entire vehicle environment and export these recordings.

In addition, the memo continues and states:

permanently stored on Tesla servers located abroad (Netherlands)

This is an interesting move, especially as Giga Berlin is ramping up Model 3’s and Model Y’s production for the European continent.

Chinese officials earlier this month banned Tesla vehicles in the resort town of Beidaihe ahead of a Chinese presidential meetings.

However, this ban will only last two months.

Editor’s note: This article has been updated to reflect new comments from Thilo Cablitz, spokesperson for the Berlin police (via, who clairfied it is not a ban on Tesla cars but on Sentry Mode. We apologize for any confusion.

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