Tesla uncovers Model 3 Highland for testing in the US

Tesla announced the new Model 3, known as Project Highland, in China last month. While there has been no definitive date given for a North American release, the automaker is now testing the vehicles in the US without camouflage for the first time.

The new Model 3 was officially launched on September 1 in China, and other markets where Tesla exports vehicles from Giga Shanghai (except Canada). Despite the launch, which revealed the new exterior and interior design features, Tesla was still seen testing the new electric sedan on US roads with camouflage in the weeks that followed.

Now those covers have been completely removed. An Ultra Red Model 3 was spotted with manufacturer plates in the Bay Area today by Reddit user No_Regular_8542. Along with the new paint colour, this particular Model 3 had a white interior and was outfitted with the newly designed 19″ Sport wheels.

2024 highland
byu/No_Regular_8542 inTeslaModel3

The new design drew mixed reactions on Reddit, with some saying the front end had lost its uniqueness and felt “very generic” and “boring” now with the new slimmer headlights and removal of the fog lights and air vents from the front bumper. The rear end drew more positive reactions with many complimenting the new taillights, however the new ‘T E S L A’ logo, instead of the signature Tesla ‘T’ on the trunk lid was a point of contention among fans.

Tesla has been very quiet about when the new Model 3 will launch in Canada and the US. Drive Tesla reported last month that the company was advising staff that it would not arriving until early 2024. This timeline is supported by the fact that Tesla has now switched back to sending cars from California to Canada. The company used to export cars from China to Canada, a switch made earlier this year, but with Giga Shanghai only producing the new Model 3 and without certification to sell it yet in North America, Tesla has reverted back to their original logistics plan.

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