Tesla Giga Shanghai Accelerated Exports by 453% in September 2023

Tesla Giga Shanghai increased exports by 453% YoY in September 2023. The strong focus on exports indicates that demand in markets around the world continues to increase and Giga Shanghai is committed to meeting it.

Tesla sold 74,073 vehicles produced at Giga Shanghai in September, according to data released by the China Passenger Car Association (CPCA). On Wednesday, the organization gave more detailed data that shows the number of models sold and the markets in which they were sold. They shed light on the company’s activity and indicate the trajectory of its development.

The latest CPCA data showed that Giga Shanghai delivered 43,507 vehicles to the domestic market in September. This is 43.94 percent less than last year and 32.75 percent less than in August. However, it is immediately clear that the situation with exports is different. Last month, 30,566 vehicles were exported, reflecting a year-on-year growth of 453.53 percent. This is also an increase of 57.03 percent compared to August.

Typically, Tesla produces cars for export in the first half of the quarter and for the local market in the second half. However, in September we saw changes. This may be due to the fact that demand in markets around the world continues to rise steadily, and the company is trying to distribute supplies evenly across all countries, rather than saturating one market while customers in other markets face long waits.

The CPCA also provided data that showed the differences in Tesla models delivered. Of the Chinese-made company’s 74,073 vehicles sold in September, 53,249 were Model Ys and 20,824 were Model 3s. It should be noted that Tesla began selling the updated Model 3 in September but has yet to ramp up production, which switched gears in mid-August. In the future, the number of Model 3s rolling off the Giga Shanghai assembly line is expected to be significantly higher.

Tesla delivered 139,624 vehicles in China in the third quarter. This represents 32.1% of global deliveries of 435,059 vehicles, notes CnEVPost. During this period, the factory exported 82,893 vehicles, up 22.37 percent over last year. Tesla delivered 433,729 vehicles to China between January and September, up 36.33 percent year-on-year.

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