Uber has already added 15,000 Teslas to its fleet through Hertz partnership

Demand for Teslas is sky high at the moment, with delivery wait times extending beyond a full year for some configurations. That popularity has also extended to Uber, as more than 15,000 drivers have signed up to rent and operate a Tesla on the ride-hailing network.

Uber announced the figures today, a result of their partnership with Hertz who ordered 100,000 Teslas last year, saying it is the “largest-ever expansion” of EVs on a mobility platform in North America. Showing how popular Teslas are not only amongst their drivers but also their passengers, Uber says there have already been more than 5 million Tesla rides covering over 40 million miles since the program launched last year.

To date, more than 15,000 drivers have rented a Tesla through this program – and they’re making a real impact. Together they’ve completed more than five million fully-electric trips and driven over 40 million electric miles.

The company also shared how their drivers feel about using a Tesla, especially as gas prices soar to record highs across North America.

“When I had a gas car, I would spend $25-30 dollars a day [on gasoline]. I’m saving almost $160 a week, if not more, driving an electric vehicle,” said Manuel Barros, who has driven with Uber for eight years.

The program will also reap big rewards for Tesla by introducing thousands of people to the world of electric vehicles (EVs). Uber says that 95% of drivers renting a Tesla through the program had never driven an EV before, but a remarkable 92% are now considering purchasing as their next vehicle.

Not all Uber drivers qualify for the program. The company requires drivers to have have completed at least 150 trips and while maintaining a 4.85-star rating. Renting a Tesla will set drivers back about $300 per week, but they will also receive an extra $1 per trip, to a maximum of $4,000 a year through the “Uber Green Future” program.

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