Tesla to make finding a trailer-friendly Supercharger stalls much easier

Tesla owners who tow will soon find it much easier to find a trailer-friendly Supercharger station, thanks to an upcoming update to the in-vehicle user interface (UI).

Tesla had the foresight to start building out their Supercharger network more than a decade ago, opening six stations in California in 2012. The Supercharger network has obviously expanded significantly since then, now approaching 60,000 stalls worldwide.

The typical Supercharger stall requires the owner to back in to the parking spot in order to be able to plug in. While this works the vast majority of times, it causes a bit of a problem when you are towing, as you either have to find a creative way to park (and end up blocking stalls in the process), or unhitch the trailer elsewhere in the parking lot in order for the cable to reach.

Even backing in to a Supercharger stall with a bike rack can be problematic.

However in recent years Tesla has started focusing more on is building trailer-friendly Supercharger stalls. With the launch of the Model Y, and now the Cybertruck, both of which are capable towing vehicles, the company started to incorporate more pull-through stalls that make Supercharging with a trailer a breeze.

The only problem however is knowing where these trailer-friendly Supercharger stalls are, as there is no current way for owners to discover them other than noticing it upon arrival, or word of mouth.

That is soon going to change. Tesla Cybertruck Lead Engineer Wes Morrill (@wmorril3) revealed on X this week that a future software update will show trailer-friendly stalls on the in-vehicle UI.

Unfortunately Wes didn’t provide a targeted release date, but hopefully it arrives before the summer when thousands of Tesla owners head out on summer camping trips.

Wes also didn’t any further details on the feature, and how it will work. Hopefully it is integrated with the UI in such a way that drivers can select it as a search filter, and even allow the navigation to automatically route to a trailer-friendly Supercharger station when Tow Mode is active on the vehicle.

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