Tesla builds dedicated pull-through Supercharger station in Manning Park [British Columbia]

As Tesla rapidly expands its Supercharger network, more stations are being built before they are added to the list of upcoming stations. The latest to be built unannounced is in Manning Park, BC. Making it unique is that all of the Supercharger posts are pull-through stalls.

The new Supercharger is located in the parking lot of the Manning Park Resort along the Crowsnest Hwy (Hwy 3), and was only discovered last week by Drive Tesla reader Ryan (@RyanMorasiewicz). Despite only being discovered now, the site is already fully built, but is not yet online, still waiting to be powered up. 

As you can see in the photos, all 12 stalls at the Manning Park Supercharger are pull-through stalls. Pull-through stalls are relatively rare, and when they are built typically only account for a small percentage of the stalls at that station, so this is definitely a first in Canada, and possibly in the world (if anyone can correct us, please do).  The decision for Tesla to build a dedicated pull-through Supercharger station in Manning Park makes sense as it is a popular tourist spot with thousands pulling trailers to visit and camp at the resort or the provincial park, which offers four drive-in campgrounds.

UPDATE 3:49pm PT: We’ve been told of one other Supercharger station like this in Columbus, Ohio, which has 16 pull-through stalls. It opened in July 2023.

Credit: Google Maps

There have also been many requests for Tesla to build more pull-through Superchargers, especially with the recent launch of the Cybertruck, so hopefully these dedicated pull-through stations are something that will soon become more common.

Along with the new Superchargers, there are also two BC Hydro DC fast chargers that have been installed, but are not yet powered up.

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