Tesla begins construction on second Supercharger in Whistler [British Columbia]

Tesla has finally started construction of a new Supercharger station in the Resort Municipality of Whistler.

Tesla currently has one Supercharger station in Whistler. However it is not ideal as it just a 72kW Urban Supercharger, and located in the pay parking area of the Fairmont Chateau Whistler. Not only does it cost $9 to enter the parking area, you might not even be able to plug in once you do as the spots being frequently ICE’d (occupied by internal combustion engine cars).

In October last year Tesla filed a permit application to build a second Supercharger at the Whistler Marketplace Shopping Center (4370 Lorimer Road), and this week construction finally started.

Construction fencing has been up on the site for the last several weeks, but on Monday supplies were delivered, and crews started ripping up the concrete in preparation to install the underground conduit for 12 Supercharger posts, based on photos sent to us by one of our readers, Brady.

Based on construction only just starting now, the new Whistler Supercharger likely won’t open until the end of the summer, but there will definitely be a push to have it open and ready for the busy winter season.

When it does open it will be interesting to see how the parking situation will be handled. This parking lot is also paid , but much more reasonable at $1 for 30 minutes. However, the parking fee may not be necessary if you stay with your vehicle while Supercharging.

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