Tesla and bp sign first of a kind deal for $100 million worth of Superchargers

Tesla and bp has signed a deal for $100 million worth of Supercharger equipment as the oil giant looks to expand and improve its electric vehicle (EV) charging network. The deal marks the first time Tesla has sold their charging technology to a third-party charging network.

In a press release announcing the deal on Wednesday, BP said their investment in Tesla’s charging technology will help expand their bp pulse EV charging network, and that Superchargers will also be installed at private depots for their fleet customers.

The first Superchargers on the bp pulse network will start appearing in 2024, with the first sites in Houston, Phoenix, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Washignton, DC already being identified. The rollout will expand across the company’s various brands such as TravelCenters of America, Thorntons, ampm, and Amoco. Additionally, Superchargers will be installed at bp pulse’s Gigahub charging sites in major cities across the US.

bp pulse branded Superchargers will also be installed at Hertz locations, the company said.

“Strengthening the bp pulse network with Tesla’s industry-leading hardware is a major step forward in our ambitions for high speed, open access charging infrastructure in the US and advances our ambition to delivering an exceptional customer experience. Combined with our vast network of convenience and mobility sites on and off the highway, this collaboration with Tesla will bring fast and reliable charging to EV drivers when and where they need it,” said Richard Bartlett, global CEO of bp pulse.

While there was no mention of which version of Tesla’s Supercharger the company purchased, the image shows they will be the latest V4 Superchargers, the first of which opened in the US this week. bp did say that their Superchargers will have Magic Docks, the built-in CCS adapter, allowing both CCS-equipped and NACS-equipped EVs to plug in and charge.

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