It’s not just Tesla – other automakers shipping cars without heated seats, touchscreen functionality and more

Tesla made headlines last week for delivering cars without USB-C ports in the center console. The missing parts are due to the global chip shortage, and will be added free of charge when they arrive later this year.

The move however generated a lot of online discussion and criticism. Some was about how Tesla failed to communicate the issue to new owners (and rightly so).

There was also criticism about Tesla delivering cars without parts, but they are not the only automaker doing so.

In fact, missing USB-C ports and the inability to charge your mobile device pale in comparison to what some other new car owners are having to face.

Take for example BMW, who just a few weeks ago announced it was removing touchscreen functionality from the 3-series, 4-series, Z4, X5, X6, and X7.

Without the touchscreen functionality, that also means those who ordered the Parking Assistant package will have to do without Backup Assistant, which relies on the touchscreen to operate.

Both Chevrolet and GMC have been forced to remove heated and ventilated seats, and heated steering wheels in a large portion of their lineup.

Based on a report by Car & Driver, the list goes on – Mercedes Benz and General Motors stopped installing wireless charging pads altogether in some of their vehicles, Ford and Nissan stopped installing satellite navigation, and Porsche took away electric steering column adjustments and 18-way adjustable seats, to name a few.

Many of the automakers above provided credits to new owners for the missing parts, ranging from $50 from GM to $500 from BMW, mostly because they are expected to be without them for a significant amount of time.

Tesla has not, likely because they expect to receive the missing parts next month.

But even a small gesture like 6 months of free Supercharger credits could have gone a long way to help those new owners have a more positive delivery experience.

Do you think Tesla should have provided a credit? In what form? Let us know in the comments below.

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