Tesla removes Cybertruck resale clause, but will it come back?

Tesla appears to be having second thoughts about implementing a strict clause in their purchase agreement that would not allow early Cybertruck buyers to sell their electric truck within the first year of ownership.

Last week Tesla updated their standard purchase agreement in the US to add a Cybertruck-specific clause which stated that due to the limited quantities they would not allow you to “sell or otherwise attempt to sell the vehicle within the first year.” Tesla did allow some breathing room however, adding that you can ask in writing for an exemption from the reseller policy. If they agree your reasoning for wanting to sell is sufficient, they will give you written permission to do so, but the clause also stated that Tesla reserves the right to buy the Cybertruck from you first, at the listed purchase price minus $0.25/mile for wear and tear, and repair costs.

Showing they were taking this clause seriously, Tesla said they would sue you for $50,000, or more if you sold it for a huge profit, also possibly not allowing you to purchase any future vehicles.

While not unheard of in the automotive industry, there was a lot of negative feedback to the policy, with many saying that once they purchase the truck they should be able to do whatever they want with it. It appears Tesla may have heard the feedback, as less than one week later the entire clause has been removed from the purchase agreement.

With the first deliveries still over two weeks away, it is entirely possible this clause could come back, either in its original form or slightly modified. We already know there is a ton of demand, and early buyers will easily be able to profit by selling their Cybertruck, so it would not be unthinkable that Tesla implements at least some kind of policy that prohibits or limits what you can do after taking delivery.

If it does come back, this wouldn’t be the first time Tesla has accidentally published something before it was intending to. Case in point are the recent leaks to the Service Manual and Parts Catalog about upgraded Sport seats coming to the Model S Plaid and new wheels coming with the Model 3 Performance that were promptly removed once they were discovered.

As before, there have been no changes to the Canadian purchase agreement, and it still has no reference to the Cybertruck. Here is the US purchase agreement in full.

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