Jowua discount code DRIVETESLA saves $5 off USB Hub and other Tesla accessories

Even with Tesla adding a USB port in the glovebox, the two ports in the center console of the Model 3 and Model Y can quickly turn into a mess of wires and cables.

That’s where the Jowua USB Hub comes in. Not only does it add extra ports for data and power, it also features a unique LED light not seen on any other similar product.

The Jowua USB Hub is available in two different colour combinations (carbon fiber and wood grain), and costs just $69.

But you can use the discount code DRIVETESLA at checkout to save $5 off your purchase.

Click here to browse the Jowua USB HUB collection.

Product Information

Designed for both the pre-refresh and refresh center consoles with either dual USB-A ports or one USB-A and one USB-C port, the Jowua hub covers all your charging and organization needs.

The hub adds easy access to 2 USB-C ports and three USB-A ports. To ensure an optimized charging experience, the hub is designed to automatically distribute power between all your connected devices.

There is also a built-in microSD card slot for music storage or video storage through TeslaCam and Sentry Mode.

What makes it unique is  4000K LED light above the ports that helps you plug your device in the first time, every time.

To conserve power the light has on/off/auto settings so that it can automatically turn on when you open your center console lid.

Click here to browse the Jowua USB HUB collection.

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