Tesla Superchargers Are Coming Soon To Kum & Go Gas Stations in the US

Kum & Go, a convenience store chain, is adding Tesla Superchargers to several of its main locations throughout the American Midwest and in Joplin, Missouri.

In 2017, Kum & Go revealed its EV charger program and formed a friendly partnership with Tesla. As part of its program, 17 locations will be offering EV charging services. According to The Joplin Globe, the public will be able to use the electric chargers over the next one to two months.

So far, the Joplin location is the 17th in the company’s network to provide any form of high-speed charging.

Ken Kleemeier, vice president of Kum & Go’s fuels, stated that as the popularity of electric vehicles grows, so will the company’s EV charger installation program. He clarified that they would grow in areas with higher rates of electric vehicle ownership and Kum & Go stations.

Derek Nelson, Kum & Go’s sustainability manager, also said that Tesla’s growth is an indication that EV adoption is accelerating. He believes that the transportation industry will undergo a significant transformation over the next ten to twenty years.

Kum & Go’s charging stations will be DCFC stations with high voltage for fast power-ups.

Source: Teslarati

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